Who We Are


Eat Local Week is a statewide program that celebrates the regional harvest season by promoting local agriculture and food artisans, honoring the preservation of Utah’s agricultural heritage, and empowering the community to make conscious food choices. Eat Local Week aims to bring our community together through a series of educational activities and events focused on local food resources, agriculture and food production, and sustainable food practices.


  1. Educate our community about resources for eating locally grown, raised, and produced food
  2. Develop a greater statewide awareness around the positivie impact of sustainable food production and responsible food consumption
  3. Support and popularize local food artisans and purveyors
  4. Motivate participants to make long-term actionable change in support of our mission


Eat Local Week has a long history in our state. In the last ten years, this event has grown from the grassroots Eat Local Challenge put together by a Salt Lake City couple who wanted to eat as locally as possible, to a  statewide program offering educational resources and events in partnership with many local organizations and municipalities.

Our focus is simple: to rally our communities to eat more locally produced food—which in turn supports our local farmers, producers, and economy; and it helps to preserve our agricultural heritage. We facilitate this shift by offering a variety of resources and educational events around the state. The cornerstone of Eat Local Week Utah remains the Eat Local Challenge, and it's a vital part of our effort. The challenge empowers people to take charge of the food they eat and where it comes from by eating as locally as possible for one week.

From Salt Lake City to St. George, and all across the state, we encourage you to find a way to participate in Eat Local Week Utah.

For more information, please contact Christianna Johnson at