6 Farmers You Should Get to Know During Eat Local Week!

6 Farmers You Should Get to Know During Eat Local Week!
11 Sep


Ever have the thought, where does my food actually come from? Who actually harvested what I am eating? Well during Eat Local Week, you can find out! Eat Local Week starts in a matter of hours, so to help we are referencing local farms you can buy from.

Petersen Family Farms

Close to all the city action is the setting for this fifth generation owned family farm. Out in Riverton, this family provides a unique setting right in the Salt Lake Valley. Kids can even experience this working farm. Petersen Family Farms offer summer camps where the kids can come and learn all about the farm life! You can visit the farm where they have a farm stand or find them at the local farmers market. We visited on Food Truck Friday and it was a one of a kind experience!

Wilkerson Farm

Growing up on his father's potato farm during childhood in British Columbia, CA gave Richard Wilkerson the knowledge he needed before starting his own farm in Orem, Utah. It all started with a 4-acre leased lot that had not been in use for years. Transforming this land into a working farm, they now lease over 14 acres to produce food on. The farm's goal is to develop a great sense of appreciation for farming back into the community. Visit their farm stand on the property where they partner with other local farms to stock the shelves with specialty products like honey.

farm2Christiansen’s Family Farm

Not exactly in the Salt Lake Valley, but this farm provides for restaurants and pickups far and wide! What they provide is all natural grass fed pork. Raising pigs was not always their intention, but starting a farm as a way to enhance their knowledge about their diet and what goes into their food was, with the added benefit of teaching their children about this process. They now raise pigs that are able to roam on their pasture all day eating away at all the natural foliage, along with a healthy diet of local grains provided by a neighbor who is also a farmer. Many local restaurants serve their pork, but can find it at Liberty Heights Fresh. Or pick up the phone and give them a call!

Blue Spring Farm

Blue Spring Farm is run by a couple in Tremonton, Utah. Randy and Tamara were always big farmers with lots of experience with similar industries to farming and food realm. Naturally, the next step in their career they thought they would try is farming. Going from a small garden to actually planting on five acres has been a learning experience for them every year. Now they currently run a CSA program for the produce their grow, but are looking to expand their growing season for the community by installing a greenhouse. If you cannot travel out to their actual farm, sign up for their local CSA!

Canyon Meadows Ranch

Another farm that runs in the family! Similar to that of the Christiansen's Family Farm, Canyon Meadows Ranch raises their beef to be all grass fed. This third generation farm believes wholeheartedly in sustainable efforts while raising their cattle. The Myrin family thinks the best part of being at the farmers markets is talking to customers and showing them where their food is actually coming from! You can find their beef at the Urban Farm & Feed, Liberty Heights Fresh, or even go talk to them at the farmers market!

Kohles’ Family Farm

Growing up on a farm and wanting to show her children this life, Utah native Mary set out to establish one of her own. Since the land was in use, it was always utilized as a farm. Then it went untended for years, but Mary and her family bought the land over five years ago and revitalized it! They utilize the land mostly as an orchard, but still grow some other products like kale. "When you are eating local food, you are eating more nutritious and flavorful food," Mary said. And we second that! You can find their products through Winder and at their farm.

farm3To know that your food is coming from people, as opposed to factories, is such a satisfying experience. Go shake hands with these wonderful people who dedicate their lives to bringing Utah delicious, healthy, wholesome food!