What is the FOODQUEST? 

The Eat Local Week FoodQuest is a week-long food adventure, or scavenger hunt, where you will join teammates to complete food and farming related tasks around the state, get points, and win. Join your family, or your chosen family, or find a random person at the market to share in the fun - that is up to you! We cant promise you'll win, but we can guarantee you'll gain oodles of memories, meet some amazing people, and learn more about Utah’s abundant food scene - all with merriment and a full belly.

Teams should have between 2 + 6 members, be ready to have fun, and feeling dedicated to everything local. 

Registration is free, HERE, and can be done in advance, or at the Downtown SLC Farmers Market as the quest kicks off. 


Teams will need to check in at the Downtown SLC Farmer's Market on September 10th at noon, to receive instructions, and winners will be announced at the Harmons City Creek Rooftop Finale Party on September 17th at 7pm.