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Calling all chefs, novice cooks, food enthusiasts, and self-proclaimed gastronomists: ribbon

Have you ever wanted to showcase your hidden talents and share your culinary brilliance with the world? Well now is your chance - and the prize is huge. Enter an original recipe into the Eat Local Week Recipe Contest for the chance to win a blendtec blender! Show off your local food know-how and get creative.....

Sound too good to be true? Only if your recipe is! The contest is simple but the task is challenging.

Follow these 5 easy steps and the prize could be yours!


1. Take the Eat Local Pledge online. Choose a submission category based on the difficulty level of your challenge. Go big or go…not as big. Thats what we say.

ULTIMATE- Prize: Local foodie fame and a Blendtec Blender ($400 value)   

- All raw ingredients in your dish must be locally grown, raised, or sourced within Utah state boundaries. All prepared items must be from locally owned and operated companies. Anything you can find at the farmers market is a safe bet. Do your research - the prize is worth it! If you have a question about the legitimacy of an ingredient, just ask.

MID- Prize: Farmers Market Gift Basket

- Here we will cut you a little slack. Similarly to the Hardcore category, all raw ingredients in your dish must be locally grown, raised, or sourced, and prepared items must come from locally owned companies, with the exception of 2 ingredients of your choice. Shop at the market, or look for the Utah’s Own label and your local grocer.

INTRODUCTORY- Prize: Farmers Market Gift Basket

- This category requires that you use at least 3 locally grown, raised or sourced items in your dish. Look for the Utah’s Own label at your local grocer and shop at the farmers market.


2. Create, or re-create your favorite dish following the guidelines in your submission category. Replace items you might typically use with local items, or come up with something completely new! Be inventive, creative, and resourceful. We know you can do it.

3. Submit your recipe and photo via email to  between August 1 - September 4. Be sure to include your submission category, all of your ingredient sources (farm/company/brand), and cooking instructions.

4. All recipes will be online and open for voting from September 6 through September 15. Share your recipe from our website via Facebook or Instagram and encourage your communities to vote for your dish.

5. Come to the Eat Local Week finale at Harmons City Creek to find out if you won!


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