Eat Local Pledge

Eat Local Week Utah 2016: September 10th – 17th

The Challenge is simple: eat as local as you can for 1 week. Challenge yourself by selecting one of three levels of “strictness” below!

Be creative, challenge yourself, and have fun!

Challenge Level: Hardcore

Think you are the epitome of a "locavore"? Find yourself feasting on local trout you caught or foraging Utah mountains? Then this Uber-strict challenge is for you.

This level will be a challenge-eating only food grown, raised, produced or caught within Utah boundaries. This means cutting out some vices that might seem difficult to most - like coffee, chocolate or olive oil. Do a little more label reading and research, and you will have success! We believe in you!

Challenge Level: Easy-Does-It

You may not be an everyday locavore, but you try. You shop at the local farmers market, and are familiar with the Utah's Own label. But - you arent quite ready to give up your favorite non-local items. Its ok! This might be a more attainable challenge level for you.

This challenge suggests choosing a few food groups for the week that you will commit to purchasing from local farmers. Perhaps all your veggies and meat come from the market. Find local milk, cheese and eggs for the week. If you go out to eat, choose local restaurants and ask for menu items with local ingredients. become more familiar with what Utah has to offer, and perhaps next year you can go Hardcore!

Challenge Level: DIY

Local food? Is the whole concept a little new to you? Or, do you have a life that doesn't allow you to prepare three meals a day for the family? Don't fret! We know that any effort is HUGE! Even if you can't eat locally for every meal, we would love if you could dip your toe into the whole locavore thing by trying.

For newbies we suggest trying to eat one entirely local meal a day, or consider trying to use one or more local ingredient in every meal you eat for the week. Find something you eat a lot, maybe milk or tomatoes or a grain like wheat and replace your usual brand with a locally grown or raised product. Even small changes in your habits can have a huge impact on the producer, environment, economy, flavor, nutrients and you.

Keep Us Posted on Your Progress!

However you decide to challenge yourself - keep us posted on your progress, recipes, tips and local resources. Everyone loves a good food shot on Instagram. Let us know how you are doing, what you are having a hard time without, and what amazing replacements or products you are using while doing your challenge. Update us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email, and remember to use the hash tag #eatlocalutah so we can find you!.

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Just FYI, when you take the challenge, your first name and level will be posted so that others can see yours and get ideas. Please share this Eat Local pledge with others on the next page!