Who's In for the Eat Local Challenge!

Your First Name Challenge Level My Challenge  
Daniel Easy-Does-It Foodquest.
Gary Hardcore eat mostly-local at every meal
Andrew Easy-Does-It Local produce
Rachel DIY at least one local meal a day plus local snacks!
Anna Easy-Does-It Eat something local every week.
Julie Easy-Does-It Eat as much local as I can
shawna DIY Buying all my food for the week at the farmers market!
Abdullah DIY Ima only eat dem local veggies!
Whitney Easy-Does-It stop eating my non local, terrible sweet treats! already eat mostly local!
Brandon Easy-Does-It hardcore as i can be
Chris Easy-Does-It local dairy
Josh DIY one meal/day of all local food
Dwight DIY my wife
Elena Easy-Does-It local caffeine?? local meat
Victoria Easy-Does-It being busy with school and work so easy does it will be a challenge
Paulina Easy-Does-It dairy, meat, fruit, vegetables.
Weston Easy-Does-It As hardcore as possible.
Rebecca DIY one thing
Carli DIY baby steps
Franco Hardcore Eat food that is only from Utah.
Scott Easy-Does-It Questify challenge
Tyler Easy-Does-It Questify challenge
Sarah Easy-Does-It Questify challenge.
Megen Hardcore Trying new things...in nondairy ways.
Brooke Easy-Does-It I am going to switch to local meat, eggs, cheese and produce only for the week.
Mary Jane Easy-Does-It We eat vegetables from our garden and try to eat at restaurants that serve local food.
Mary Jane Easy-Does-It We eat vegetables from our garden and try to eat at restaurants that serve local food.
John Easy-Does-It I'll only buy local food this week weather I'm out or buying ingredients, I have perishables that are definitely not from utah that need to be eaten.
jude Easy-Does-It Thinking about where my food comes from.
Linda Easy-Does-It Eat local fruits and veggies. I don't do dairy.
Rachel Hardcore have an all local dinner party
Maria Easy-Does-It Shopping at the Farmer's Market, local veggies, local bread.
Mike DIY All local food except coffee, tea and a few spices.
Renee Easy-Does-It Plan on eating as much local food and at local restaurants as possible.
Jon Easy-Does-It -
Cynde Easy-Does-It -
Tamra Easy-Does-It -
Rachel DIY -
Cheryl Easy-Does-It -
Richard DIY -
Renne DIY -
Juan Hardcore -
Jana Easy-Does-It -
Brian DIY -
Sonja DIY -
Deanne DIY -
Cyathie Easy-Does-It ...
Kleo DIY finding local restaurants
Kit DIY eating local with my family
Kaylene DIY trying to eat more local!
Amber Easy-Does-It local breakfast
rocky Hardcore local for life!!!
Caroline Easy-Does-It local produce for the week!!!
Alisa DIY one ingredient in every meal
Faye Easy-Does-It local for 1 wk
Haylee Easy-Does-It more local meals
Brynn DIY little more local
Alexis DIY more diy
Mila Easy-Does-It 2 meals a day
Bri Easy-Does-It more local ingredients
Anne Easy-Does-It 1 meal a day
Sam Easy-Does-It local ingredients in 1 meal a day
Helen Easy-Does-It 1 local meal a day
Pinky Easy-Does-It 1 meal a day
Melissa Easy-Does-It 1 local meal a day
Sabrina Easy-Does-It finding local vegetarian options
Emily Easy-Does-It 1 meal a day
Elise Easy-Does-It more local ingredients
Jess Easy-Does-It 1 meal a day
Jen Easy-Does-It All local veggies, and a big week of preserving so that my local challenge can continue into later fall and winter.
Jessi Easy-Does-It ...
Christy Easy-Does-It ...
Lindsey Easy-Does-It ...
Halie Easy-Does-It ...
Jason Easy-Does-It ...
Gene DIY ...
Berit Easy-Does-It all vegitabals
Alecia DIY ...
Lilli Easy-Does-It veggies local!
JayDee DIY ...
Denise Hardcore all is all
Bonnie DIY ...
Pam Easy-Does-It local cucs, tomato, fruits this week
Rachel DIY find local meats and products in stores
David DIY ...
Polina DIY local ingredients
Valentina DIY one local meal a day
Sam DIY ...
Brittany Easy-Does-It shop @ local farmers markets
Tessa DIY more local
Tonya DIY ...
Gina DIY one local meal or ingredients a day
Justin DIY local
Chantelle DIY Eat at home with more fresh greens and fruits
Kathleen Hardcore I'm going to eat all local.
Seth DIY ...
Jason Easy-Does-It :)
Brett DIY ...
Faustine Hardcore eat all local and no fast food
Kadee Easy-Does-It more local fruit :)
Tegan DIY ...
Katie DIY fruit :)
Hunter Easy-Does-It veggies
Ann DIY local
Erika Easy-Does-It fruits and veggies
Helen DIY ...
Janine Easy-Does-It eat my own tomatoes
Beca DIY Use at least 1 local ingredient in every meal for 1 week!
Star DIY local everyday
Haley DIY DIY!
Ana DIY farmers market
Shelia DIY local every day
Jonathan Hardcore always eat local
Peter DIY local every day
Lauri Easy-Does-It fruit and veggies
Skyler DIY local/day
Lannie Easy-Does-It local fruit
Natalie DIY local / day
Brenna DIY 1 local per meal
Luke DIY local in every meal
Rachel DIY local a day
Kyung DIY local a day
Nathalie DIY 1 local item each meal
Dee DIY 1 local item at each meal!
Kathy Easy-Does-It more local!!
Kim Easy-Does-It eat as many different local foods as possible
Ruby DIY eat more local
Heather DIY Eat all but one meal a day local!
Monika Easy-Does-It ...
Temina Easy-Does-It ...
Mel Easy-Does-It ...
Wanna Easy-Does-It ...
George DIY ...
Beth Easy-Does-It ...
Juda DIY ...
Monkhwan DIY ...
Fred DIY ...
Sonja DIY ...
Casey Hardcore ...
Ann Easy-Does-It ...
Aidan Easy-Does-It ...
Kat Easy-Does-It ...
Alessandra DIY ...
Alessandra DIY ...
Kelly Easy-Does-It ...
Carmen DIY ...
Michelle Easy-Does-It ...
Andrea DIY We are going to try and do as much as possible except give up coffee. We have local flour and tons of veggies, fruits, eggs and honey to get us through the week. We are looking forward to revisiting some past recipes, like yogurt- cucumber salad and trying a few new things, like different types of wraps and casadias since bread is a bit more challenging to make than tortillas when you're working.
Alyssa DIY Only local vegetables all week
Julie Easy-Does-It Veggies
Chris Easy-Does-It Eat local in family
Ryan Easy-Does-It Fruits and vegetables
Terri Easy-Does-It Farmer markets
Ryley Easy-Does-It I will use local veggies from the farmers market in my meal preparations this week
Lauren Easy-Does-It We are going to find out if what we are already eating is local, and concentrate on what is
Dakota Easy-Does-It Finding out more information about local foods.
Stella Easy-Does-It Dairy - yes, whole family - yes, about supporting local vendors, especially cause we are one of them.
Sandy Easy-Does-It Eat one local food each day
Ronnie Easy-Does-It Ya!
Rita Hardcore Hardcore!
Andrea DIY Local dairy
Jami Easy-Does-It Veggies
Michelle Easy-Does-It Local dairy
Sarah Easy-Does-It More local
Tom DIY Eat veggies
Kristie Easy-Does-It More veggies
Neil Easy-Does-It More veggies
Jan Easy-Does-It Eating more local
Michael Easy-Does-It Local dairy and produce!
Jenni DIY Eat more local veggies this week!
Nancy Easy-Does-It Yum!
Katherine Easy-Does-It I plan to buy my veggies locally this week and make my food at home.
Gordon DIY Veggies from the garden
Sally Easy-Does-It Local veg and bread
Erin Easy-Does-It Everything local
Ariel Easy-Does-It I spend 13 hr/day at work. I want to pack more local food!
Cristy DIY New food
Cristy DIY New food
Stewart Easy-Does-It Homemade lunches
Paul Easy-Does-It My garden + forage
Katherine Easy-Does-It Local food!
Tracy Easy-Does-It Taking advantage of the great produce & eating healthier
Andrew Easy-Does-It Making better decisions about the food I eat
Steve DIY Just to find local plcaes
Robert Easy-Does-It As much as possible!
Frenchy Easy-Does-It Eat local only!!!!
Michaela Easy-Does-It Only local fruits and veggies. A quest for oats
Olivia DIY All veggies,produce & eggs!! & chocolate.
Melissa Easy-Does-It I'm typically dairy and meat free so my CSA share at BUG farms should take care of a bulk of it, and tomorrow's Veg Fest should leave me STUFFED with local goodies!
Scott Hardcore To eat delicious vegetables slam ranch style
Rebecca Easy-Does-It Family
Chelsea DIY Eat local
Arthur DIY Try to buy some our vegetables locally and find affordable restaurants that buy their food locally
Susan DIY Prepare meals with local produce
Jessica Easy-Does-It I want to try having local meats, produce and cheeses.
Leslie Easy-Does-It I'm going to eat all local fruits and veggies! YUM!
Mallory DIY I don't know much about local food options, so my goal for this week is to learn about local options and to try and eat local fruits and veggies once a day.
Kate Easy-Does-It Eating as local as possible except for oils and teas!
Thomas DIY Veggies from my garden, fruit from local orchards.
Liz Easy-Does-It I am going to feature a local food in all of my meals throughout the week. Whether it's local vegetables for pasta sauce or local flour in my tortillas.
Ashley DIY I will give up coffee for Eat Local Week.
Alaynia Easy-Does-It Eat all local food products (including from my own garden) and restaurants for the week and see how long I can keep it going! (except tea and coffee, I can't give those up)
Ashlee Easy-Does-It Eating healthier, fresher food
Patrick Hardcore I don't think this will be very difficult, my garden is going off so that's a huge source of my food, if I do need any supplemental's I pick them up at one of the many farmers markets going on. I have a freezer full of local lamb and a bunch of elk that my friend killed. If I end up eating out I will pledge to go somewhere who sources local products like Tin Angel or pick up yumminess from Brooke at Urban Pioneer Foods.
Carole Easy-Does-It buy more fruit and cheese from the farmers market
Kirsten Easy-Does-It I'm going to try to eat local dairy and produce. My boyfriend is going to join me.
Sherry Easy-Does-It Most excited to find local replacements for foods i eat lot of!!
Brooke Hardcore WHOLE FAMILY
cheryl Easy-Does-It I am going to give it my best shot to eat totally local for that week
Rachel DIY Making one meal a day with local produced
Lucy Easy-Does-It Just moved to the area from Vermont, where my hubby has run an organic farmstand for years and is president of the Vermont Fresh Network. Looking to get into the local scene here! Going to try to only purchase local meat, eggs, dairy, and produce during eat local week. (Sorry, I can't give up coffee, chocolate, or EVOO!)
Lindsey DIY I will eat local milk and eggs.
Elizabeth DIY I just moved to Utah and am excited to start supporting local farmers. I'm still unfamiliar with the area, so my goal for this week is to attend a few of the events and buy as much of my fresh produce, eggs, etc. from local vendors!
Carly Hardcore Local everything! And, I am forcing the rest of the household to eat local only too, even the dogs.
Carly Hardcore Local everything! And, I am forcing the rest of the household to eat local only too, even the dogs.
Marie Easy-Does-It I will eat only local veggies and meat. Some of my housemates will participate, too.
Christopher Easy-Does-It Eating only local veggies!
Alison Hardcore I'm going to Volunteer with Green Urban Lunchbox to pick fruit so I can bring some home. We'll eat veggies and herbs from our garden and a few of my favorite farmers. Meet from Morgan Valley Lamb and Canyons Meadow Ranch. For cooking, beef tallow from Beltex. All yummy!!
Carolyn Easy-Does-It This is my first eat local challenge and I will attempt to eat ad local as possible but would hate to say hard core and fail. I love the challenge to truly think about everything that goes in my teams (husband and 2 year old) mouth. My hope is that it will expand our food resources.
Becky Hardcore Our household will be home for the week (no work trips!). We vow to use our CSA 100% and to only supplement with Utah Grown/ Utah made products!
Lisa DIY Helping my family be more aware of the foods we eat! Purchasing local meats only this week! ♡
Jackie Easy-Does-It Doing this challenge to eat local products with my family
Jackie Easy-Does-It Doing this challenge to eat local products with my family
Chandler Hardcore Figuring out no coffee...oof.
Nate Hardcore I'm planning on eating as only local everything. Sounds fun!!!
Bianca Easy-Does-It First apartment cooking so I will try my best!
Doreen DIY Local except for coffee, chocolate and olive oil.
Julie Easy-Does-It I don't eat dairy. just wanting to eat only local food.
Anne Easy-Does-It I'll be curious to discover if there are any foods I find myself really really wanting that I simply can't get locally.
Andrew DIY to eat more local at the restaurants
Mike Easy-Does-It keep coffee and EVOO and wine
Miranda Easy-Does-It Whoop, whoop!
Supreet DIY I am excited about eating local food everyday!
Krystal Easy-Does-It local dairy, meat, fruits and veggies!
Adam Easy-Does-It Local food only and no meat!
Larry Easy-Does-It Everything except coffee!
Gwen Easy-Does-It Since I will be helping out at all the events for the week, I may not have a ton of time to cook! But I will eat only local except for coffee (local roasters), and olive oil. It's gonna be fun!
Hilarie Hardcore If anyone can eat ONLY local foods that week we should be able to!
Rachel DIY Local dairy
Caroline Hardcore I'm most excited about such a great reason to do more cooking at home and getting to support so many vendors who work so hard! It's such a wonderful time of year for eating local - I'll be purchasing everything we eat locally for the week - fruit, veggies, dairy, meat, etc! Should be a delicious week!
Johanna Easy-Does-It We are largely feasting from our backyard garden. Our milk, cheese, and eggs are Utah sourced. This family of 4 is stoked about the challenge!
Carolyn DIY Making the effort to find places to buy local
Shila Easy-Does-It Incorporated more "made in Utah" foods into our daily eating. We shop local as much as possible!
Marcia DIY I will eat all vegetables and fruits that I can get locally and , hopefully, local meat.
Celia Hardcore I'll miss the chocolate and the pineapples but so excited for quality local fruits, veg, eggs and meat! Yay Moab!
Roslynn Easy-Does-It Only local fruits and vegetables!
Debbie DIY I want to incorporate more local vegetables into the food I prepare
Bob Easy-Does-It Continue to eat as much organic, locally sourced food as possible. Eat Bison avoid beef unless grass fed/raised, lots of wild seafood, fresh vegies and fruits. Avoid GMOs, artificial crap and additives!
Mary Easy-Does-It I'm most excited in Packing lunches for work, saving money and eating local!! ??
Libby DIY n
Jennifer Easy-Does-It Only Locally grown fruits & Vegetables. Try to go catch my own fish to eat. I will eat only locally produced eggs from my neighbors chickens. I have items from Gosner's dairy. The only thing I am really worried about is my grains or rice. But I will try to find locally items also.
Maya Easy-Does-It I will eat only local produce, proteins, and dairy for one week, and try to get my husband and in-laws to do the same. I will also try to can some local produce this week to enjoy in the winter!
Camille DIY My goal is always to seek out new local sources and try them out during the challenge.
Jeremy DIY The whole fam is going to try to eat local. We will have the kids pack lunches based on local items!
Morgan Easy-Does-It I am excited to challenge myself to eating all local perishables (veggies, fruits, bread) and eating at local restaurants if I go out.
Tyler Easy-Does-It I will only food from my garden or vegetables grown in Utah.
Anna Easy-Does-It My whole household will be taking the Challenge! I'm going to try and source my dairy, and produce exclusively locally this week!
Doran Easy-Does-It hardcore easydoesiter
Adam Easy-Does-It if it weren't for coffee I'd be going hardcore
Marcus Easy-Does-It Entering the Local Recipie Challenge
Trisha Easy-Does-It Finding more choices while living in Tooele
Kate Hardcore I've done easy-does-it in the past, and love supplementing groceries with locally grown food. I'm curious to try the "hardcore" challenge for a week - it will definitely be a challenge! It will be interesting to see which habits are the hardest to break, and which ones I decide to keep!
Erin Easy-Does-It The entire Real Food Rising team will be pledging to eat as local as possible together! As our farm will be in full swing, it will be relatively easy to eat mostly hyper-local produce (kale, garlic, peppers, fruit, etc). That being said, I will push myself that week to integrate as many local products that we don't grow (eggs, yogurt, etc) into my diet for the week.
Katherine Hardcore I am excited to try new foods from the farmer's market. I will try 1 new item a day.
Heidi DIY I am challenging myself to make at least one meal a day an entirely local meal! I hope that this challenge inspires me to look more thoughtfully at my local options at the Farmers Market and at the grocery store!
Shelly Easy-Does-It I will eat all local fruits and veg. I am going to promote this with my family.
Carson Easy-Does-It I'm excited to reduce my carbon foot print and support the awesome local food community!
Bob DIY only local dairy, meats and veg.
Debbie Hardcore source local chicken
Jude Easy-Does-It most veggies, all meat, eggs, fruit, some dairy
Coleman Hardcore Yum yum eat 'em up! Eat what ya got!
Ideana Easy-Does-It Most excited about getting creative with what I have around me! Will be eating only local fruits, veggies and eggs this week :) Thank you so much for raising the awareness and for this opportunity to really put my preach into practice! Love you all!
Stephanie Easy-Does-It A definite utilization of the farmer's market - trying to get everything I need for the week (making stops in at Harmon's or Liberty Fresh if needed)!!!
Michelle Easy-Does-It We eat out a lot at local restaurants, but haven't watched to see what items are primarily sourced locally. I will make an effort to ask and order only those things sourced locally. I already buy a lot of my fruits, vegetables and cheeses at the farmer's market!
Greg Easy-Does-It Eating local dairy and local veggies for the week, seems pretty doable!
Will Easy-Does-It My wife and will by local foods and prepare all our meals for the week. The coffee stays! But we'll look at buying fair trade and locally roasted.
June Easy-Does-It To eat local fruits, veggies and cheese
Kelli Hardcore Local produce from the GULB!
Kristina Easy-Does-It I'm planning to prep food for work again. Overnight oatmeal so it's ready for me to pick up and go out the door. Get back to eating healthy and starting a regular workout routine again. I am most excited about getting myself back to a healthier place physically and mentally.
Jonathon Easy-Does-It We love getting our veggies from the farmers market. We just haven't been doing it enough cause we don't come downtown on the weekends. For my challenge, I will be purchasing all my veggies and 1 other item (undecided), for the week, from the market for my whole family to enjoy. I promise i'll be there!!
Tyler Easy-Does-It To use/give away all garden produce so that no veggie goes uneaten!
Jason DIY I'm doing hardcore except coffee.
Kristin DIY I hope to use local beans and grains. I'll be accessing most of my local produce, meat and dairy from our neighborhood Farmers Markets.
Jenni Easy-Does-It My goal for Eat Local Week is to eat local 75% of the time when I am in town. I live in Orangeville some of the time and it's difficult to eat local there because of lack of restaurants, stores, etc. I'm usually all about eating mostly local but I have to admit I've been slacking so good time to reconnect with the local eating!
Ryan Easy-Does-It Making my girlfriend eat local
Alison Hardcore I will eat 99.99% locally sourced, except coffee and black pepper because I can't give them up! But I will buy locally roasted coffee.
Kim Easy-Does-It Mostly hardcore, eating from the garden and market
Kelee DIY I will commit to eating local produce, meat and dairy servings at least 5 per day.
Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse Hardcore As Part of Local Utah and Eat Local for Utah County please come down for fresh rare Perennial Berries, fruit, nuts & other Edible Forest Garden 2nd Anniversary Open House 8am to 8pm 851 E Highcountry Dr Orem at the Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse. Medieval music under trees, local vendrs can sell goods and harvest, free workshops, Grand prize Raffle of a Free Kitchen Garden Design and Silent Auction of large Gorilla Cart Dump Cart worth $399 as well as free tuition for classes, Free Workshops, Videos of past 2 year Edible Forest garden, designs by 52 students and more. Http:// utahpermaculture.tk 801-808-4424 to volunteer. Social media web and flyer advertising help needed please add us to calendar of events
Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse Hardcore As Part of Local Utah and Eat Local for Utah County please come down for fresh rare Perennial Berries, fruit, nuts & other Edible Forest Garden 2nd Anniversary Open House 8am to 8pm 851 E Highcountry Dr Orem at the Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens & Greenhouse. Medieval music under trees, local vendrs can sell goods and harvest, free workshops, Grand prize Raffle of a Free Kitchen Garden Design and Silent Auction of large Gorilla Cart Dump Cart worth $399 as well as free tuition for classes, Free Workshops, Videos of past 2 year Edible Forest garden, designs by 52 students and more. Http:// utahpermaculture.tk 801-808-4424 to volunteer. Social media web and flyer advertising help needed please add us to calendar of events
Brooke Easy-Does-It I'm excited to enter the recipe contest. We love our local food community and strive daily to support them.
Aaron DIY Make each breakfast local.
Tracy Easy-Does-It Local dairy Local meat Local fruit and veggies Locally roasted coffee and local chocolate (maybe counts a little :))
Tracy Easy-Does-It Local dairy Local meat Local fruit and veggies Locally roasted coffee and local chocolate (maybe counts a little :))
Mark Easy-Does-It We are planning for our household to go hardcore and eat local for one week. We are most excited about finding local food sources!
Maria Easy-Does-It Local only dairy vegetables and fruits for me and my son
JOEL Easy-Does-It I grow my own and go to farmers market for fun
Maryann Easy-Does-It Growing much of my own
Doug Easy-Does-It I plan on eating foods from the farmers market & Harmons. I only chose easy does it because I don't know how good I will be able to get my teenage boys to participate!!
Joachim Easy-Does-It we're getting our veggies from Bug Farms and we grow some at home.
Elke Easy-Does-It Whole family. We are getting bug farms shares and grow tomatoes and chiles.
Chad DIY I'll try to incorporate one local item into every meal.
Megen Hardcore I am going to eat all foods from my local garden community in Gleendale! Our own meats (last seasons hunt), eggs, fruit and vegetables. Haha! Winner
Sharah Hardcore I plan to eat entirely from my 1/4 acre garden in Glendale. I even grow wheat to make bread.
Charlotte DIY I pledge to eat one or more locally grown ingredients in every meal during the week, like veggies grown at Real Food Rising or the Green Urban Lunch Box, and local dairy. I will shop at the Urban Greens Food stands and local farmers markets.
Marybeth Easy-Does-It eat everything local except coffee and olive oil
Rachel Easy-Does-It Support the farmers market on sat. And local foods companies
taylor Easy-Does-It Get the majority of my groceries from the Saturday farmers market and try to get the rest from real foods, whole foods or Jade market. Limit eating out, unless of course they too feature local food, and, my most important goal, get my family stoked about eating local too!
Leslie DIY Find more local food resources.
Lynsey Hardcore Looking forward to a hardcore challenge for the whole family!
Sara Hardcore Our whole family will go hardcore. We are also vegan so we don't anticipate a lot of problems.
Chris Easy-Does-It I'll continue with my usual habits of having coffee and some chocolate, but the rest will be from the gardens.
Quinn Easy-Does-It I am going to eat only local produce for the week!
Jennifer Easy-Does-It I am planning to eat local fruits and vegetables.
jesse DIY I've just returned from Europe #inspired. Can't wait to dig deep along the Wasatch.
Tobi Hardcore I plan to eat only from my garden and supplementing what I can't grow from the farmers' market.
Benji Hardcore Eat super local! Love the farmers market. My whole house is taking the challenge, except coffee (my bad). Can't wait for September!
Andrew Hardcore I plan on only eating local gairy, super hardcore, thrasher level with the fam, for sure. I'm most excited about fruit by the foot and gravity.
Jon Easy-Does-It Can't wait to make a dinner with just local ingredients
Cindy Easy-Does-It I am eating more fruits, and veggies from farm stands. Iam buying local dairy. I am buying local eggs. I am growing a garden, and canning, dehydrating, and freezing items while fresh.
Kaylee Easy-Does-It I plan on trying to eat as locally as possible with produce, cheese, eggs, and possibly dairy. I'll plan on only shopping at local grocery stores during the challenge.
Ashley Easy-Does-It Continue to use locally grown food from my own garden and farmers markets, but also pay extra for Utah's Own labels, and plan meals around the local food in season.
Paula Easy-Does-It I am challenging myself to eat 1 meal a day that is 100% local and to incorporate local items into my other 2 meals each day
Adrienne Easy-Does-It Only local fruit, veggies, eggs, meat and cheese for the week
Alyssa Easy-Does-It local restaurants only!
Katherine Hardcore I eat mostly local and from my own garden but 'll make the big sacrifice for a week. Wondering if locally roasted coffee and locally blended chocolate and locally made popcorn treats are still off limits. The ingredients aren't local but it's "produced" locally.
Amanda Easy-Does-It I'm pledging to eat anything local and vegan I can get my hands on! I'm planning on eating a lot of tomato sandwiches, salads, zucchini noodles and pasta. I can't wait!